"How flexible can you be in designing and managing a phone campaign?"

We specialize in running short term and start-up campaigns for non-profits of all sizes.We build the campaign length to your needs and accommodate and service in every way we can, including offering management in our Seattle phone room or campaign management on site at your organization.

“Do you offer consulting services in addition to managing telemarketing campaigns?”

Yes, we offer a range of consulting options and costs in addition to our expertise managing sales and fundraising campaigns both on-site and at our Seattle office.

“Who hires the phoners?”

Founding director Kevin Lynch, with 25 years experience in this field, personally handles the initial recruiting of the calling teams. All callers are recruited specifically for the cause and are hired on as temporary employees of the organizations we contract with. This allows you to know who your people are who are representing your organization.

“Do you take contracts with for-profit companies as well as non-profits?”

We’re always open to bright new possibilities and new relationships. Please call Kevin Lynch at (425) 771-0646, our Edmonds, Wa. office.

“Who are your managers?”

We have some of the best managers in the business. We work hard to find and develop managers who are strong communicators, intelligent and reliable, ethical and compassionate, and invested in doing the best job possible on their campaigns.

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